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The department of Computer Science and Engineering organized an Industrial visit to Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) on 11th April 2017, where second year students were taken for the visit..

Students were accompanied by Prof. Suma R, Prof. Bhavya N J, Prof. Vandhana Jha, Prof. Susan George and Prof. Harish Naik, the faculties of Computer Science department.

The students reached the venue at 1.45pm and their visit started exactly at 2.00pm after passing several security checks and administrative formalities. The students got opportunity to view launch vehicles ex: GSLV and PSLV followed by the brief information given to them about rocket launch and multiple stages of satellite. Afterwards students were given the demonstration on the working of Aryabhatta, Bhaskara and Rohini

Later on they saw the video demonstration “APPLE” which stands for Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment. APPLE was used in several communication experiments including relay of TV programmes and radio networking , then followed by a video clips of Chandrayan journey from earth to moon.

After that students saw various electronic components that were used inside the satellite. Later on they saw clean room area where all components or parts of satellites were cleaned.

The overall visit to ISRO’s role in development of India let students discover new way for achieving better goal.